We are an innovative media company that invests across several segments of the entertainment industry. Our companies offer world-class studio facilities and production services as well as production, financing and distribution solutions of films and television shows.

Our mission is to offer the most modern and competitive studio facilities and financing solutions to enhance creativity within protective business frameworks and deliver higher quality media content to global audiences.

our operations are based in Dominican Republic

We leverage synergies through strategic partnerships with leading industry players committed to the development of the industry and the creation of value in benefit of our stakeholders.

  • Pinewood
  • Lionsgate
  • Televisa
  • Comerica Bank
  • Pantelion
  • Relativity
  • Cinedigm
  • Progreso
  • CIFI

We seek long-term sustainability of our investments, implementing robust strategies with relevant social impact.

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We think globally and act locally, fostering innovative strategic thinking across our companies and among our talented team and we encourage creativity and innovation in all of our businesses.

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We aim to be a leading Media & Entertainment company in Latin America, delivering high quality services as well as cutting-edge films and televison shows for global audiences.



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We invest applying risk-balanced strategies, ensuring solid governance, long term sustainability and maximum return of our investments.


The Dominican Republic is one of the largest and most dynamic economies in the Caribbean, featuring natural beauty and uniquely diverse landscapes and locations, as well as the cultural wealth of its cities.

60.1 BN GDP
Largest economy in the region
5.2 M Tourists per year
1st tourism destination in the region
11.5 BN Aggr. Foreign Investment
1st investment destination in the region

The Dominican Republic is one of the most attractive and cost competitive destinations for film and TV productions

0% Transferable tax credit on ATL and BTL expenditures
0% VAT Exemption on eligible goods and services
0% Up to 100% percent equity financing of spanish language films

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The Dominican Republic offers a wide range of diverse locations including beaches, colonial landscapes, mountains, deserts and urban areas, positioning the country as one of the preferred destinations in Latin America for film and TV productions.

Looking to shoot in Dominican Republic? Click here

Dominican Republic

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